The NearPlace application has no view limits or no place limit in any subscription Plan (even free Plan), as it often happens in other applications of this type. In NearPlace, you pay only for the amount of Add-ons you want to add to the basic version of the NearPlace locator.

Below we present a table with subscription plans. More information about the plans you can find on the pricing page

Some of the most important information you would like to know about NearPlace subscriptions

  1. We use Braintree from Paypal as our payment gateway.
  2. Payments for subscriptions are always charged on the first day of the billing period in advance for the following month (the first payment is charged immediately after activating the paid plan).
  3. The billing period begins on the day you start using the paid NearPlace subscription and takes a month.
  4. European Union regulations require us to charge VAT to customers from European Union when paying for a NearPlace subscription. The applicable VAT rate is specific to the country where the customer is based and is added to total payment amount for subscription. 
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