In NearPlace you have the option of adding multiple places at once by importing CSV files. In order to import data, you have to go to the Places menu and press the button Import.

The next steps to be followed during data import:

 1. Open template prepared by NearPlace team and copy it (File -> Make a copy ..) to your Google Drive to be able to edit it.

You can also create an automatic copy of the document in your account by clicking the Copy template button:

If you want to open a document template in the Google Spreadsheet program, you must first log in to your Google account or create a new one if you do not have one.

If you want to edit a document in a file on disk*, download a copy of the template in .csv format (File -> Download as -> Comma Separated Values .csv).

*UTF-8 encoding issues: Some spreadsheet programs use different character encoding formats. Files must use UTF-8 encoding, this is the default encoding for Google Drive and Excel for Mac OSX, which is why it is our recommended solution. Open Office will allow you to choose formatting when you export the file to .csv. NearPlace is not compatible with .csv files exported from Windows Excel, which do not use UTF-8 encoding.

2. Fill in all the required information about new places (city, street, country code and time zone columns) and if you want add optional information. 

3. Remember not to change the headings of the sheet (the first row), but only to fill in the information about your places in the next lines of the sheet.

4. Save the file in .csv format to your disk.

5. Select the .csv file from disk or use the drag & drop function and press the Import button.

Data format instructions for your .csv file

If any of the above conditions are not met, the data import of the selected record or the whole file is interrupted and an error message appears.

Time Zones

Following are a list of timezones with time shift and its system name. If you would like to include the time zones when you import places, make sure you include the system name in the PlaceTimeZone column when you upload your CSV file.

Country Codes

Following are a list of countries and its country code. If you would like to include the countries when you import places, make sure you include the country code in the PlaceCountryCode column when you upload your CSV file.

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