Install automatically via Wordpress plugin

After logging to your Wordpress admin panel you need to find Plugins section where you can manage or download plugins.

Then you have to click a Add new button.

In the search query write “Nearplace” and you should find our store locator, just click Install Now and the process will be started.

Direct link to our plugin in WordPress market: 

NearPlace plugin after the installation requires an activation so don’t forget it. You need to go to the settings which you can find on your own dashboard and then you can notice NearPlace plugin settings.

The plugin requires an organization and locator UUID which you can get after creating an account. Now when you registered, go to Locators menu and activate widget locator. Then go to Installation menu to get your UUIDs. 

Install NearPlace with a JavaScript code.

There is also a possibility to install a plugin to the WordPress in the other way – by adding a raw JavaScript code of the app. 

The NearPlace locator installation code is available in the Installation tab in Locators menu of the administration panel.

In WordPress dashboard you need to find Appearance module and then Editor. On the right side, you have a list of all theme files. You need to choose Theme header to install NearPlace through JavaScript code.

Now you need to find <body> section of the code and paste installation code right before </body> tag. 

Note: My body code ends with <div id =”content”> and also a developer of theme mentioned that theme displays all before this <div>. Remember to read developer’s comments because they may be really useful.

For more information check out our blog post with detailed informations: 

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