1. Go to control panel of Drupal website.
  2. Select the Structure tab from a dashboard.
  3. Click on the category Block layout.
  4. Find section named Content and select Place block button which is located next to the Content section.
  5. Click on Add custom block.
  6. Fill in the required fields.
  7. Change the value of Text format from Basic HTML to Full HTML in Body section.
  8. Click on the Source button in the body toolbar.
  9. Generate the JavaScript code from NearPlace admin panel (the NearPlace locator installation code is available in the Installation tab in Locators menu of the administration panel).
  10. Enter script in the body field and click the Save button.

For more information check out our blog post with detailed informations: https://nearplace.com/blog/how-to-add-a-store-locator-or-google-maps-module-to-drupal/ 

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