You have probably wondered how to use store locator to be able to create subpages on your domain used in optimization processes for search engines in which you describe your places or stores and display their location on the map using locator - with the NearPlace application it is possible!

The NearPlace Team has prepared a special additional script for the installation code of our locator, which will allow you to open application on the details of the selected Place.

All you have to do is add the generated script for the selected Place before the main installation code of the NearPlace locator.

Example look of a installation code for specific Place:

<script>var _nearplace=_nearplace||{};'c4ef370e-0029-4ed5-9e4f-e6f8e4a37c46';</script>

Keep in mind that the above code is only an example. Use your own copy of the installation code for specific place available at your NearPlace profile, because for every place the code is different.

To download installation codes for each place go to Installation menu of your active locator and go to Code Generator menu where you can generate installation script for all of your places, filters and position on the map.

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