NearPlace script, as many similar scripts, has very low impact on the speed and efficiency of websites that it has been installed on. We have done our best to optimize and provide our services on your website with as little complications as possible. Although we can't guarantee that our script won't influence your website's workflow at all (after all, every piece of code that you add to the site influences it in some way), but we can assure you that NearPlace script was designed to be as light and fast as possible.
NearPlace installation script is loaded asynchronously. Thanks to this type of scripts, your website can render faster. This way your customers aren't forced to wait for the page to appear until the script fully loads, because it's being downloaded in the background, while the whole page is being rendered. This means that our script doesn't stop your website from starting up while the script itself is loading, hence it won't slow down your website operation. 

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